River Lena
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Approaching Siberia from Western Europe, we follow the Arctic Ocean shore to the delta of the River Lena. Ascending from this position to a vertical view of the whole Arctic Ocean, ice drift tracks are traced out, showing the circulation of water within the basin.

Most of the sea ice which survives the summer thaw - called multi-year ice - is created off the coast of Siberia. Here, the Lena is one of the rivers discharging into the Arctic Ocean. During the spring, waters from the river can flood over the ice, depositing layers of sediment on top of the frozen sea surface. Ocean currents then carry this dirty ice far across the Arctic Ocean. Since 1937, drifting ice stations manned by Russian scientists have tracked the motion of the sea ice. Together with data from automated bouys, the circulation patterns of the Arctic Ocean have been charted.

Data source: GTOPO30 digital terrain from US Geological Survey (USGS), Arctic Drift Station Climate Data from National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) and Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, St Petersburg (AARI)
Credit : Planetary Visions Ltd.