3D Universe
3D UNIVERSE is an exciting new multimedia title that re-defines the frontiers for astronomy software, combining advanced computer graphics technology with astronomically accurate data to deliver a user experience that is both spectacular and informative. Users can experience real-time flight across the Solar System, through the stars of our galaxy and beyond into deep space.

Moons and planets are shown with accurate surface mapping, using the latest imagery obtained by interplanetary spacecraft. The Earth is displayed with a global cloud-free satellite mosaic, and even shows city lights switching on as dusk approaches ! Jupiter and Saturn are shown with their extensive families of moons, and time can be speeded up to show their orbital motion.
In Planetarium and Solar System modes, 3D UNIVERSE allows you to set the clock to witness astronomical events such as eclipses, conjunctions and transits, or accelerate time to see the motion of the planets and the apparent motion of the stars.
The planets and moons of our Solar System are displayed with surfaces and/or atmospheric cover using mosaics custom-made from images returned by interplanetary spacecraft. Ring systems are modelled using stellar occultation data, allowing a highly accurate rendering of the thousands of ringlets that make up a ring system.
The encyclopaedia of over 120,000 words and over 1,500 images dynamically interacts with the window displaying the Universe. Links within the encyclopaedia take the viewer on a realtime 3D flight to the astronomical object under discussion. Similarly, once an astronomical object has been selected in the display window, a link allows the relevant encyclopaedia page to be viewed.
3D Universe contains data on over a million stars and over 80,000 galaxies, allowing the user to fly in realtime through deep space. Accurate 3D plotting of stars and galaxies reveals the large-scale structures of the Universe - clusters and chains of galaxies.
"fascinating" ZDF.de

"Impressive flight adventures into Deep Space" Recklinghäuser Zeitung

"it is almost breathtaking" Südkurier Konstanz

"compelling software conception" C't

"recommended CD" Öko-Test

"Highly recommended", Weltraumfacts

"...great application", PC Magazin

"...a rewarding application", www.astronomie.de