Moon texture map (213)
Moon texture map
The Planetary Visions Moon texture map is derived from thousands of images returned by the Clementine spacecraft. The resulting texture map represents the most complete and realistic texture map of the Moon's surface.

Unlike other Moon texture maps, which are an airbrushed artistic impression, the Planetary Visions Moon texture map is built from genuine imagery, thereby allowing highly realistic views of our Moon to be rendered.
ResolutionColumnsRowsFile size300 dpi print width
8.0 km1,3646823 MB4.5 in11.55 cm
4.0 km2,7291,36411 MB9.1 in23.10 cm
2.0 km5,4572,72943 MB18.2 in46.20 cm
1.0 km10,9145,457170 MB36.4 in92.41 cm
500 m21,82810,914227 MB72.8 in184.81 cm