Ring texture maps - Saturn (228)
The Voyager 2 spacecraft flew past Saturn in 1981, and one of the many observations made was the occultation of the star Delta Sco by Saturn's rings. As the Voyager spacecraft passed the rings, its camera system was pointed at the star behind the rings. The star's brightness fluctuated due the varying opacity of the components of the ring system. These observations resolved the rings down to a scale of 100 metres. Planetary Visions has processed the raw Voyager data and created an accurate texture map of Saturn's rings - this texture map is not merely an artist's impression, but is a genuine and scientific portrait of the ring system.
ResolutionColumnsRowsFile size300 dpi print width
256.0 km1,5631,5637 MB5.2 in13.23 cm
128.0 km3,1253,12528 MB10.4 in26.46 cm
64.0 km6,2506,250112 MB20.8 in52.92 cm
32.0 km12,50012,500447 MB41.7 in105.83 cm
16.0 km25,00025,0001,788 MB83.3 in211.67 cm
8.0 km50,00050,0007,153 MB166.7 in423.33 cm
4.0 km100,000100,00028,610 MB333.3 in846.67 cm
2.0 km200,000200,000114,441 MB666.7 in1,693.33 cm
1.0 km400,000400,000457,764 MB1,333.3 in3,386.67 cm