Mercury texture map (31)
Mercury texture map
In 1974 the Mariner 10 spacecraft flew past Mercury and obtained detailed images of the planet's surface, but only giving coverage of one hemisphere. To this date, the rest of the planet's surface has yet to be observed. Planetary Visions has processed and assembled the Mariner 10 images into a mosaic - a mosaic which is the highest resolution available today and is visually superior to an artist's impression.
ResolutionColumnsRowsFile size300 dpi print width
13.6 km1,1255632 MB3.8 in9.53 cm
6.8 km2,2501,1257 MB7.5 in19.05 cm
3.4 km4,5002,25029 MB15.0 in38.10 cm
1.7 km9,0004,500116 MB30.0 in76.20 cm
850 m18,0009,000463 MB60.0 in152.40 cm