Animation library
Since 1993 Planetary Visions has built up a considerable library of computer graphic animations in the specialist areas of Earth and planetary science and astronomy. This offers programme-makers not only a cost-effective option, but also instant access to a range of subject matter.
Library footage is licensed for use in a single programme or series, based on the distribution medium and territory.

Non-Broadcast - public exhibitions, educational institutions, Open University and UK schools television.

Single Territory Broadcast - terrestrial or satellite television for single territory or language, corporate video.

Worldwide Broadcast - includes terrestrial and satellite television, tv and cinema advertising.

Worldwide All-Media - includes distribution on retail video, DVD, related CDROM and print publications.

All our material is produced to broadcast quality and available as digital video files. Recent work is full HD1080. Older material may be standard definition, in anamorphic widescreen 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio, taken from first-generation Digital Betacam videotape.

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