A lightbox is a collection of images and/or animations chosen by you. You can add images and animations to a lightbox when you browse our image and animation galleries. You may have an unlimited number of lightboxes, and each lightbox can contain an unlimited number of items.

Facilities exist that allow you to :
create a lightbox;
rename a lightbox;
delete a lightbox;
add or amend a title to a lightbox;
set intended usage for a lightbox.

Within any lightbox, you can :
view an item;
remove an item;
add notes to an item;
set intended usage for an item;
move an item to a different lightbox;
copy an item to a different lightbox.

You can submit a lightbox to us and we will be pleased to respond with a no-obligation quote based on the number of items and the intended use.

You may email a lightbox to anybody else and the recipient will be able to view the contents of that lightbox - in this way, you may share your choice of images and animations with others.

At no time during your use of lightboxes are you placed under any obligation to order or purchase any item. Other users of this website do not have access to your lightboxes, unless you choose to email a lightbox to them. Your choice of images and animations is private to you. In order to maintain your privacy, you will need to register, and then login using the password you have chosen.

Further information