D-Day 60th anniversary
Television coverage of the 60th Anniversary of D-Day is backed up by satellite maps provided by Planetary Visions. Satellite data from three sources was used to provide natural-colour imagemaps at various scales. Seamless blending allowed multi-scale zooming from a continental overview to close-up views of the invasion beaches on the Normandy coast.
Planetary Visions provided the following satellite data layers:

Europe from our global Satellite Imagemap and clouds from NASA MODIS imagery at a pixel size of 1km (8840x5792 pixels)

The Channel Coast from our Satellite Imagemap of Europe at 250 metres (3536x3972 pixels)

Normandy from Landsat 7 ETM imagery at 30 metres (7000x7000 pixels)
All data layers were corrected to a common geographic base and colour-balanced to allow multi-scale zooming over three orders of magnitude. We can provide similar multi-scale zooms for any location worldwide, subject to archive data availability.

The 3D graphics were produced in London by Dangerous Films for their dramatised documentary, "D-Day", made for the Discovery Channel and the BBC.