Secrets of the Iraq War
This television documentary breaks new ground for current affairs programmes in its innovative use of satellite imagery to cut through the fog of war. New light is shed on the conduct of the Iraq War, with key moments of the conflict illustrated by 3D graphics sequences.

A broad overview is presented using Planetary Visions' Satellite Imagemap of Iraq. The area around Baghdad is shown using imagery from NASA's Terra Earth-observation satellite, and individual buildings are revealed using ultra-high resolution commercial satellite imagery. The 3D graphics were designed to illustrate events which took place at night as well as in daylight.
SECRETS OF THE IRAQ WAR was made by Films of Record for ITN, and broadcast in the UK on Sunday 11th January 2004 on ITV1. Planetary Visions processed the satellite images and produced the 3D graphics. Source data included NASA MODIS and ASTER imagery, GTOPO30 digital terrain, and high-resolution imagery from the Ikonos satellite courtesy of Space Imaging.