Aspects of polar science and the environment are presented in this interactive computer-controlled installation at the Federal Art and Exhibition Hall in Bonn. Satellite imagery and other geophysical data are visualised as 3D animation sequences mixed with real-world video footage in nine stories including Ozone, Sea Ice, Magnetic Field, Migration and Ocean Circulation. A continually-rotating globe acts as a link into all of the stories.

Widescreen presentation on three synchronised video projection screens ensures a stunning cinematic experience for visitors. Several stories end with the opportunity to interact with the geographical data itself by adjusting timelines, cutting planes and viewing position.
The Polar Theatre installation is part of Arktis/Antarktis, an exhibition of the Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn, December 1997 - April 1998. Produced by a consortium including Planetary Visions, the German Aerospace Centre, the German Climate Research Centre, the Alfred Wegener Institut, Dyring Productions, The Multimedia Corporation and Binary Interactive Solutions with support from the European Commission's info2000 programme, the exhibition attracted more than 180,000 visitors in four months. The Polar Theatre also proved to be a popular attraction when exhibited in the German Pavillion at Expo'98 in Lisbon.

Planetary Visions provided story outline and development as well as 3D graphics production for the Polar Theatre and Ocean Currents exhibits and for the exhibition's CDROM. The computer graphic animations produced for the exhibition are available for licensed use through our Visualisation Library.