Before you can login to a lightbox session, you must first have registered with us.
Registration will ask you for your details ; we do need minimal contact details so that we can provide a quote should you choose to submit a lightbox to us.
Any information you provide is protected, and we will not pass on your details to third parties.

Enter your email address and the password that you chose during registration. This allows our website to retrieve lightboxes that you have created and prevents others from seeing your lightboxes.
When you login, the current active lightbox will be the active lightbox from your last visit.
If this is your first login, you will have only one active lightbox : unnamed

This allows you to view the contents of the current active lightbox, and when viewing this lightbox, you may remove images, change their intended use, add comments, and copy or move them to other lightboxes owned by you.

This will provide you with a list of your lightboxes, from which you can select one to make it your current active lightbox.
If you only have one lightbox, it will already be your active lightbox.
The active lightbox is always the lightbox that receives image additions. By selecting a different lightbox and making it your new current active lightbox, you can control to which lightbox any further images are added.

Further options are available when managing your lightboxes :

This allows you to create and name a new lightbox. You may have an unlimited number of lightboxes, but each lightbox must have a unique name up to 20 characters in length.

This allows you to rename the lightbox. You will be prompted for the new name, and for confirmation of your decision.

This will delete the lightbox. You will be asked to confirm this operation. Once deleted, a lightbox cannot be recovered.

Set Usage
The pricing for use of any of our images depends on the intended use. Here you may set the default intended use for the lightbox. Any images added to this lightbox will use the intended usage set here. However, when viewing the contents of a lightbox, you may change the intended usage of any individual image within the lightbox.

This function allows you to email your lightbox to others. The recipients do not have to register with us or login.
The lightbox that you wish to share is first copied and stored internally. Then, an email is sent to email addresses you supply. A recipient will receive an email inviting them to your view your chosen lightbox, but they will only be shown the copy of the lightbox. They will not be able to add or remove images from the lightbox. Should you change the contents of your lightbox, others will not see the changes, as they can only view a copy that was made prior to your changes. Should you wish others to see any changes, you must re-issue the invitations, as this will generate a new copy that includes the changes. Once you have issued an invitation, you may therefore continue to make changes to your lightbox, knowing that others will not see what you are doing.

recipients will be informed of your name, so that they will know the email they have received is not spam. However, for privacy reasons, the following rules will apply:
recipients will not see your email address;
recipients will not know who else has been invited;
recipients will not see any notes that you have appended to an image, unless you request otherwise;
recipients will not see what intended usage, if any, you have set for the lightbox or any of its contents, unless you request otherwise.

This will submit the lightbox to us, and we will respond with a no-obligation quote based on the number of images and their intended use.