Satellite images
The Planetary Visions team has been working with Earth observation data since 1986, enabling us to offer a one-stop shop for satellite imagery to publishers in all media. New public and commercial data sources are making satellite imagery increasingly affordable. Our data specialists are trained at postgraduate level in remote sensing techniques and software, giving them the skill and experience to make the most effective use of the material available from numerous data centres worldwide.
We have the image processing and GIS tools needed to deal with a wide range of image and data types in support of our computer graphics and digital cartography projects. We also offer individual images and mosaics from our archive at competitive stock photo rates, and a picture-finding service - quickly matching the most appropriate scale and source of imagery to the features you want to see.
We can prepare fully-geocoded and colour-matched image layers for multi-scale zooms to any location worldwide. We can produce large-area mosaics and time-sequences by combining several images, correcting for geometric, colour and brightness differences and eliminating cloud cover and data noise where necessary. We provide images with consistent natural colour, processed to publication quality for use in print or broadcast. For editorial use in books or magazines, images can be provided with detailed explanatory captions.