3D World Atlas
Using a real-time globe rendering engine, 3D World Atlas offers a smoothly-rotating view of the Earth, zoomable to a map scale of 1:250,000. The unique horizon-view feature simulates the view from an orbiting spacecraft. Also provided are half a million placenames, road networks, and a 300,000-word countries database.

Planetary Visions provided the detailed texture maps for the five globe views - a general topographic map, a satellite map, physical, bio-geographic and night-time maps - as well as 30,000 words of text, satellite images and photos covering Earth science, landscape features, natural hazards and environmental issues.
3D WORLD ATLAS was co-produced by Xamba Software and United Soft Media, and is published in the UK under the Dorling Kindersley label by GSP. In Germany it is published by USM under the title National Geographic 3D Globus, and in the USA by Topics Entertainment as National Geographic Presents: 3D Globe.