OS Atlas
The Interactive Atlas of the UK provides a detailed map of the country on CD-ROM based on data from the Ordnance Survey and digital terrain from Planetary Visions. Also included are 78 town plans, a gazeteer of 40,000 place names, 200 photographs, a map skills tutorial and interactive flights over selected scenic areas.

The main map, displayed on screen at scales up to 1:50,000, is based on Ordnance Survey mapping at a scale of 1:250,000. Roads, rivers, towns, county boundaries and other layers can be selected to customise the map. Planetary Visions provided the backround topographic layer, as well as satellite image mosaics and terrain data for the interactive flights.
INTERACTIVE ATLAS OF THE UK and INTERACTIVE ATLAS OF GREAT BRITAIN are produced by Xamba Software and published by Global Software Publishing. Digital map data was provided by the Ordnance Survey and Bartholomews and town maps by Lovell Johns. Planetary Visions provided the topographic layer for the main map at a pixel size of 50 metres and 30 metre Landsat imagemaps and 100 metre terrain data for the interactive flights.