Atlas of the Solar System
The premier CD publisher in Germany, United Soft Media Verlag, wanted an astronomical product that would be innovative and popular, and so they turned to the partnership of Planetary Visions and Xamba Software. The result was the Atlas of the Solar System, a ground-breaking product delivered within budget and on schedule, which was received with critical acclaim.

"The impression of reality is phenomenal and the graphics are superb" CD ROM magazine (France)

The planets and major moons of the solar system may be viewed as smoothly-scrolling 3D globes and each object may be orbited under user control using a specially developed real-time rendering engine. Supporting text and illustrations explain the origin of the solar system and the surface features and internal structure of each planet and moon.
The popularity of the title meant that there was a clear need for an updated version that incorporated the latest data and information received from new missions and spacecraft, and again Planetary Visions provided the majority of the content, including planet and moon texture maps, images, text and diagrams.

Atlas of the Solar System is published in English under the Dorling Kindersley brand by GSP, in German by United Soft Media and in French by Alsyd.