Billed as the definitive visual guide to our planet, EARTH is a comprehensive and richly-illustrated reference book covering land, ocean and atmospheric features and processes. Planetary Visions created the book's large-format centrepiece artworks.

Using a mixture of in-house and commercial 3D graphics software, a series of complex multi-layered illustrations were constructed. Satellite imagery, digital terrain and digital map data were combined to give a clear, natural and accurate view of the Earth's interior, crust, ocean temperature, atmospheric structure and circulation.
EARTH is published by Dorling Kindersley. The DK website shows more pages as well as an interactive feature showing the tectonic plates (see screenshots below). Plate graphics were created by Planetary Visions using data provided by the Smithsonian Institution.

an ambitious and successful enterprise... matched by the breathtaking scope of the contents" - Times Education Supplement (TES Book of the Week, Sept 26th 2003).