A new addition to Dorling Kindersley's Reference Library, OCEAN sets out to reveal "the world's last wilderness". Planetary Visions provided text, artworks and data consultancy for this 512-page family reference book.

We provided existing computer graphics from our image library, as well as commissioned artworks including illustrations of the early Earth, the development of the oceanic crust and the physical parameters observed by oceanographic satellite systems.
Our bathymetry data for the book's 33 ocean maps represents one of the most detailed models of the global seafloor yet assembled, combining the latest satellite-derived measurements with digital bathymetric charts based on more than a hundred years of ship-borne hydrographic surveys. Bathymetric maps incorporate data reproduced from the GEBCO Digital Atlas published by the British Oceanographic Data Centre on behalf of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO and the International Hydrographic Organisation.