This stunning 360-page book combines comprehensive regional mapping with a selection of some of the latest and most detailed satellite images of the Earth's surface. Educational publisher Dorling Kindersley provided the traditional maps and Planetary Visions provided the accompanying satellite maps, based on our worldwide 1km and regional 250 metre cloud-free image mosaics.
Planetary Visions also selected the best close-up images from the archives of NASA and commercial satellite operators GeoEye and DigitalGlobe. Close-up images are accompanied by explanatory text and locator images which place each city or physical feature within its geographical context. A selection of thematic world maps and panoramic views complete the package.
MAP:SATELLITE was jointly developed by Dorling Kindersley and Planetary Visions. Planetary Visions contributed 80 regional satellite imagemaps, 16 world thematic spreads, 78 close-up spreads and six panoramas. The book was written by Planetary Visions founder Philip Eales.