Honda F1
When the Honda Racing F1 Team decided to re-brand their formula one racing cars with a beautiful image of the Earth for the 2007 grand prix season, they turned to Planetary Visions. The Earth image had to cover a four metre-long racing car from nose to tail and yet be detailed enough to look good in close-ups of the driver's cockpit. A picture like this can't just be taken as a single photo, but our worldwide Satellite Imagemap provided the solution: a giant digital image of the Earth's surface built up from thousands of individual pictures taken by a network of Earth-orbiting satellites.
The new colour scheme will be a distinctive sight on the grand prix circuit, highlighting Honda's commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its products and tying in with a website where you can donate to environmental charities ( The car will also feature in the marketing campaigns of the team's sponsors.
The same satellite imagery has been applied to scooters used by the Formula One team around the grands prix circuits and to Honda's fuel-efficient Civic Hybrid road car. Civic Hybrids with the custom paint job have been used as runabouts by Honda's F1 drivers, Jensen Button and Rubens Barrichelo, and feature in a press and web marketing campaign.
HONDA'S EARTH CAR and accompanying website use satellite imagery provided by Planetary Visions. Images of the RA107 formula one racing car are used courtesy of the Honda Racing F1 Team.