EA Sports FIFA 21

Our first ever project was for Electronic Arts (the award-winning 3D Atlas), so it's nice to play a small part in their latest publication - FIFA 21. Satellite imagery from Planetary Visions provides the backdrop for the launch of EA Sports' FIFA 21 Global Series computer gaming championship. Satellite images at multiple scales allowed flights in from an overview of Europe and the UK to close-up views of Liverpool and Bochum, Germany. We identified recent cloud-free images, acquired them from the archives, geocoded, mosaicked and colour-balanced them for a social media video trailer.


The FIFA 21 Global Series trailer was produced for Electronic Arts by The Mill. Planetary Visions provided imagery from our Satellite Imagemap of Europe, based on data from NASA's MODIS instrument, from Landsat-8, and from the European Space Agency's Sentinel-2.