Climate from Space
9 August 2016
Today sees the launch of Planetary Visions' latest software title - an iPad app created for the European Space Agency to explain how satellites are used to track the Earth's changing climate. Climate from Space is an electronic book with an interactive virtual globe that puts thirty years of satellite data quite literally at your fingertips. learn more...
ESA Living Planet Symposium
17 May 2016
Planetary Visions was well-represented at last week's Living Planet Symposium in Prague, a showcase for science results from the European Space Agency's Earth observation programme. From the presentations in the opening session to the many display screens in the exhibition hall, graphics and animations from Planetary Visions were to the fore. Work specially created for this conference included two animations on CryoSat science results (one at ultra-high-definition for ESA's new videowall), and an iPad app describing ESA's Climate Change Initiative.