Planetary Visions at Buckingham Palace
19 October 2006
A 3D movie simulating a flight over the surface of Mars is among the exhibits at the Buckingham Palace Science Day next Tuesday, 24th October, part of the Queen's 80th birthday celebrations.
The X-Factor
16 October 2006
Satellite imagery from Planetary Visions clearly has what it takes, having been chosen for the title sequence of The X-Factor, the UK's most popular talent search show (Saturday nights, ITV1, 5:45pm and 9:05pm). The title sequence uses part of our global cloud-free image mosaic, the Satellite Imagemap.
5 October 2006
This month sees the publication of a comprehensive family reference book with text, artworks and data consultancy provided by Planetary Visions. Ocean is published by Dorling Kindersley and includes a detailed atlas of seafloor maps, based on a new bathymetry dataset assembled by Planetary Visions.
Everyone's a Winner
20 September 2006
Planetary Visions is providing satellite images and air photos of many UK and foreign locations for a special tv game show in celebration of National Lottery Day. National Lottery: Everyone's a Winner is transmitted live this Saturday 23rd September on BBC1 at 7:20pm and 9:10pm.
Satellite Imagemap of the USA
28 July 2006
Planetary Visions' Satellite Imagemap of the World now offers improved resolution for the USA. This cloud-free MODIS mosaic shows North America from coast to coast at a pixel size of 250 metres, covering the conterminous USA, southern Canada and northern Mexico in considerable detail.
Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition
29 June 2006
3D graphics from Planetary Visions can be seen at next week's Summer Science Exhibition at the Royal Society. A simulated flight over the surface of Mars illustrates planetary science research at the Open University, Imperial College and University College London.
A for Andromeda
27 March 2006
The BBC's remake of their classic 1961 science fiction drama uses graphics sequences from Planetary Visions in the opening titles and as links throughout the programme. A for Andromeda is broadcast on BBC Four tonight at 9pm and on Friday 31st March at 10pm.
Interactive Atlas of the UK
27 March 2006
This new CD-ROM atlas teams detailed vector mapping from the Ordnance Survey with topographic data and satellite images from Planetary Visions.
Pocket Nature: Night Sky
2 March 2006
The latest addition to Dorling Kindersley's Pocket Nature series of guide books is published today: Night Sky is a richly-illustrated introduction to astronomy written by Planetary Visions founders Kevin Tildsley and Philip Eales.
UK Love Map
14 February 2006
Satellite images and digital terrain from Planetary Visions provide the scenery for a virtual tour around Britain tomorrow in the first of three tv documentaries charting lifestyle trends across the country. The UK Love Map is broadcast on Wednesday 15th February at 9pm on BBC Three.