Mars Attack! 2004
25 December 2003
2004 sees an international scientific assault on the planet Mars led by the British lander, Beagle 2, touching down on Christmas Day 2003. Some of the most dramatic landscapes on Mars are included in this selection of Planetary Visions' computer graphic views of the red planet. We wish all the missions every success in the New Year.
100 Years of Flight
17 December 2003
To celebrate a century of powered flight, Planetary Visions is releasing a collection of computer-generated images simulating the view from the International Space Station as it passes over key sites in the history of aviation.
EARTH - the definitive visual guide
2 October 2003
Educational publisher Dorling Kindersley today releases its richly-illustrated guide to our home planet, called simply Earth. The book's centrepiece artworks were created by Planetary Visions using satellite images, digital terrain and digital map data.
250 metre regional Satellite Imagemaps
20 May 2003
To supplement Planetary Visions' global 1km Satellite Imagemap, some parts of the world are now available with a pixel size of 250 metres, ideal for use with 1km GTOPO30 digital terrain in 3D graphics applications. Using true-colour imagery from the MODIS instrument on NASA's TERRA satellite, 250m Imagemap data may be smoothly merged with our global 1km product. Iraq and the UK are among the first areas to be covered, with more to follow later this year.
Mount Everest 50th anniversary views
20 May 2003
Fifty years after the first ascent of Mount Everest, 3D graphics and Earth-observing satellites enable anyone to make a virtual visit to the Himalayas to check out the view from the summit of the world's highest mountain. To produce these simulated views, Planetary Visions worked with the German Aerospace Centre, DLR, who provided imagery and digital terrain from the experimental MOMS satellite system.