Blue Marble at 50
7 December 2022
Fifty years ago today, our world view changed when the crew of Apollo 17 took the Blue Marble photo of the whole Earth. To celebrate the golden anniversary of this iconic image, Planetary Visions has partnered with the Living Earth Orchestra and NASA to take this historic photo into 3D and bring it up-to-date while showing how much the Earth has changed through five decades of satellite observations. learn more...
Counting Carbon at COP27
9 November 2022
Today is Earth Information Day at COP27, and computer graphics from Planetary Visions are helping the European Space Agency explain how satellites are keeping tabs on our climate. Our latest animation highlights results from a project that is checking national greenhouse gas emission reports against measured and modelled carbon stocks in the land, ocean and atmosphere. It is one of a number of data visualisations from Planetary Visions being presented this month at the UN Climate Conference, COP27, in Egypt.
International Astronautical Congress 2022
20 September 2022
Paris landmarks are overshadowed by a giant ice cube and we get our first look at summer sea ice from CryoSat in our latest climate data visualisations, presented by the European Space Agency at this week's International Astronautical Congress in the French capital. learn more...
Living Planet Symposium 2022
23 May 2022
Planetary Visions is busy in Bonn this week at the European Space Agency's Living Planet Symposium, presenting in a panel on Visualising Science on Monday afternoon in the Agora, our poster Communicating Climate Change on Friday in the Education session, and helping host the Journey of a Pixel game on Thursday. Throughout the week our data visualisations are shown in ESA's Science for Society and Climate Office booths, and our three latest animations are released on ESA's website.