Space for Climate at COP26
9 November 2021
A variety of content provided by Planetary Visions has been on display at the UN climate summit in Glasgow this week. Computer graphic animations, an interactive touch table and globe, as well as a 1:1 trillion-scale physical model of Earth's annual ice loss, have helped explain climate change to a public audience as part of the UK Space Agency's Space4Climate exhibit in the Green Zone at COP26.
Climate Stories Complete
28 April 2021
This week we completed the content for ESA's Climate from Space web app, with the addition of six more stories covering the water cycle, the carbon cycle, food security, urban heat islands, climate modelling, and an introduction to ESA's Climate Change Initiative. The app will continue to evolve with updated datasets and five new animations planned over the next year. learn more...
Ice Loss in Perspective
25 January 2021
According to research published today, Earth is losing more than a trillion tonnes of ice a year due to climate change. That's enough for a 10 km-wide ice cube that would dwarf New York City, as shown by the latest data visualisation from Planetary Visions. learn more...