Panorama: Taking on the Taleban
5 November 2007
Satellite mapping for tonight's Panorama Special (BBC1 9pm) was provided by Planetary Visions. As well as a regional overview of Afghanistan from our Satellite Imagemap of the World, we provided close-up views of Helmand province using specially-processed Landsat data. Panorama is the BBC's flagship current affairs television programme.
Green Awards
2 November 2007
A racing car wrapped in Planetary Visions Satellite Imagemap of the World took top prize at the marketing industry's 2007 Green Awards in the London Guildhall last week. As well as the Green Award Grand Prix, Honda won Best PR Campaign Over 100k for the Honda Racing Formula One Team's environmental awareness initiative, centred around their re-styled "Earth Car" and its website.
Honda Hybrid
11 September 2007
Honda's fuel-efficient Civic Hybrid car has been given an eye-catching paint job for a new marketing campaign, with satellite imagery from Planetary Visions highlighting the car's environmentally-friendly low emission levels. The car features in press and web advertising and has been used as a runabout by Honda's Formula One racing drivers.
Emirates Globe
1 May 2007
One of the largest photographic representations of the world ever created is unveiled this week by Emirates, the airline and travel group, at Dubai's annual tourism trade show. Using satellite imagery from Planetary Visions, this spectacular three storey-high walk-through "globe" measures 9.5 metres in height by 65 metres in circumference and is set to dominate this year's Arabian Travel Market exhibition.
19 March 2007
A new book using satellite imagery from Planetary Visions is published today in the United States. Map:Satellite combines global, regional and high-resolution satellite images with state-of-the-art mapping from educational publisher Dorling Kindersley. This richly-illustrated 360-page book, written by Planetary Visions founder Philip Eales, is published in the UK on 5th April 2007.
Honda's "Earth Car"
27 February 2007
The Honda Racing F1 Team unveiled a striking new livery for their RA107 Formula One racing car at London's Natural History Museum yesterday. Rather than corporate logos, the car sports a giant picture of the Earth, based on detailed satellite imagery provided by Planetary Visions. The new colour scheme will be a distinctive sight on this year's grand prix circuit, highlighting Honda's commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its products and tying in with a website where you can donate to environmental charities.
Great World Atlas
2 February 2007
A new updated edition of Dorling Kindersley's Great World Atlas is now in the shops, containing updated satellite maps and new close-up images provided by Planetary Visions.
"Sky at Night" on Mars
2 February 2007
This month's edition of The Sky at Night focuses on the stunning images of Mars taken in recent years by space probes and rovers. Among the highlights is an animated flight over the Martian surface produced by Planetary Visions in collaboration with scientists at University College London, Imperial College and the Open University. The Sky at Night is broadcast on Mon 5th Feb 00:05 BBC1 and 19:00 BBC4 / Tue 6th Feb 01:00 BBC4 / Sat 10th Feb BBC2.
EU Enlargement
1 January 2007
On the 1st of January 2007, Bulgaria and Romania become members of the European Union, bringing the total membership to 27. The territories of the new member states, and the three candidates for membership, are shown on a new set of maps produced by Planetary Visions.