Space Odyssey
9 November 2004
Toward the end of the last century we landed men on the moon. What would have happened if we'd kept going? Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets attempts to answer this question in a two part tv drama-documentary, airing on BBC1 at 9pm on the 9th and 16th of November. Planetary Visions provided planetary texturemaps, digital terrain and star data for the programmes, made by Impossible Pictures with 3D graphics by Framestore CFC.
Global Challenge 2004/2005
19 October 2004
Earlier this month saw the start of Global Challenge 2004/2005, the world's toughest yacht race. You can follow the progress of the twelve teams over the next ten months on the race website, with satellite imagemaps provided by Planetary Visions.
National Geographic 3D Globe
14 October 2004
This month sees the North American release of the latest version of the 3D Globe interactive cdrom atlas. With topographic and satellite maps, photos and text provided by Planetary Visions, the title was originally released in the UK as the DK 3D World Atlas. The US and German versions now have the added prestige of National Geographic branding.
Venus Transit
8 June 2004
Possibly the safest way to witness today's transit of Venus across the face of the Sun is to use our new cdrom title, 3D Universe. The software uses an accurate astonomical graphics engine to simulate the night sky for any date and time back to 1800, allowing today's transit to be set up as well as the last one 122 years ago.
D-Day 60th Anniversary
6 June 2004
Television coverage of the 60th Anniversary of D-Day is backed up by satellite maps provided by Planetary Visions. Satellite data from three sources is used in a dramatised documentary broadcast by the Discovery Channel in the US from 29th May to 6th June. We can provide similar multi-scale zoom sequences for any location worldwide.
New Europe
27 April 2004
On the 1st of May 2004, ten new states become members of the European Union, adding 282,516 square kilometres of territory and 75 million citizens to the European single market. The territories of the new member states are shown on a set of maps of the new Europe produced by Planetary Visions.
Secrets of the Iraq War
6 January 2004
New light is shed on the conduct of the Iraq War in a television documentary to be broadcast on Sunday, 11th January at 11:10pm on ITV1. "Secrets of the Iraq War", made by Films of Record for ITN, breaks new ground for current affairs programmes in its innovative use of satellite imagery to cut through the fog of war. Planetary Visions processed the satellite images and produced the 3D graphics, illustrating key moments in the conflict from the opening air strikes to the advance on Baghdad.